4 Reasons a Pro Jeweler Will Rock Your Repairs

4 Reasons a Pro Jeweler Will Rock Your Repairs

From house renovations to crafting home-made cleaners, DIY is in these days. While it can be cost effective, there are certain things you definitely should NOT do yourself. Among them is repairing invaluable jewelry.

While it may be tempting to consider home-made solutions for broken jewelry, it will cost you in other and much more significant ways. Your jewelry has emotional meaning and is tied to priceless memories. Imagine the devastation of trying to repair a cherished family heirloom only for it to be ruined beyond the point of return. Below are 4 reasons why it is absolutely essential to take your prized pieces to a professional jeweler for any repair.

1. Jewelers Have the Right Tools

You may have many handy tools and materials at home, like needle-nose pliers, baking soda, toothpaste and vinegar. These things can do more harm than good when it comes to valuables. For instance, vinegar can corrode or further weaken an already damaged piece and toothpaste can scratch softer metals like gold. The fact is jewelers know best and have the proper tools to fix your broken items.

At JewelSmiths we use cutting-edge technology to perform these tasks, including a precision laser welder. With the laser welder, we can do intricate, delicate repairs that were once considered much more difficult to accomplish. A pair of needle-nose pliers definitely cannot do that kind of work.

2. Jewelers Leave No Trace

Due to the benefits of having professional equipment, jewelers won’t leave marks on your valuable metal or gems. Soft metals such as gold and silver can be easily scraped if not handled properly. Gems like pearls are too delicate for anything but experienced hands. Even much harder stones such as quartz, emerald or diamond could be marred without the correct care.

3. Jewelers Can Prevent Catastrophe

Jewelers have a trained eye and can identify problems that you may not be able to see. This is crucial when it comes to repairing jewelry. An excellent jeweler will not only fix the problem but mend the issue at the root, ensuring it does not become a bigger headache in the future. For instance, an accomplished jeweler can tell if a prong in your diamond engagement ring is defective, even though it might appear just fine to you. In doing so, they can fix the prong and prevent you from losing that precious diamond before you even suspect a problem.

4. What Jewelers Provide Is Priceless

Not only do jewelers have the right tools, knowledge and expertise, they bring years of impeccable customer service to the table. Professionals make the process of fixing your piece as easy and convenient as possible. Plus, they take the time to carefully inspect your jewelry for other defects before cleaning it, returning the item as good as new. No matter how much money the DIY method might save you, getting your grandmother’s engagement ring back in dazzling condition is definitely worth the time and the cost.

Let JewelSmiths Take Care of Your Invaluable Treasures

JewelSmiths is proud to offer some of the best repair and restoration work in the industry. All of our work is done in-house, under the watchful eye of Master Jeweler Arthur Gordon. In addition to being the owner of JewelSmiths, he has served as a consultant on high profile jewelry repairs all across the country. His experience guides our expert jewelers in their own repair and restoration work. So, if you have a broken clasp or chain, a loose stone or defective prong, don’t risk trying to fix it yourself. Let JewelSmiths care for your invaluable treasures, so you can continue appreciating them for years to come. And don’t think you have to wait until something is broken to bring your jewelry in for a complimentary cleaning or inspection. Come in, get your jewelry taken care of and let’s have a little catch up.