Why Choose Custom Jewelry?

Custom jewelry sketch

Why Choose Custom Jewelry?

Sometimes when people ask me what the big deal is about custom jewelry, I start talking about my car. You see, I’m a car guy. When there’s a well-made high-performance vehicle around, I pay attention. The Dodge SRT Hellcat captured my heart big time – so much so that I had to buy one. But that wasn’t enough. I was so impressed with the lines, strength, and design of the Hellcat that I actually reached out to Dodge and got permission to create an exclusive line of jewelry commemorating the car.

I could do that because I’ve been making jewelry for my entire career. But what happens if you’ve got something in your life that you love as much as I love my car? The odds are pretty good that you’re not a jeweler. You can spend your life shopping, hoping a jewelry designer somewhere creates a piece that celebrates your personal passion – or you can cut to the chase and have a local custom jeweler make a one of a kind piece for you.

Choosing custom jewelry means you have the ultimate control over the look of your jewelry. The process of making a piece of custom jewelry involves communication, mockups and approvals – it’s only when you’re 100% satisfied that an idea progresses from preliminary sketch to a computer rendering, and then from there to a handcrafted piece of fine jewelry you’ll love wearing.

There aren’t many areas in life where you get to go in and dictate exactly what you want to buy. When you walk into the car dealership, there are only so many makes and models to choose from. You can only buy what’s available for sale. Custom jewelry is completely different. Each piece is created in response to one customer’s wishes. It’s an exhilarating experience and gives creative people an outlet to express themselves in a beautiful way. In most cases, you are only limited by imagination and budget.

Arthur Gordon is an award-winning jewelry designer having roots in Oklahoma that began with his grandfather, Samuel Gordon, in 1904.

To see some examples of custom jewelry we’ve created, visit our online gallery or stop in the store. We’re located at 6517 N. May Avenue in Oklahoma City. It’d be our pleasure to show you some of our newest creations, and we’d love to talk about what we can do for you.