Creating Custom Jewelry Based on Your Favorite Film or TV Series

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Creating Custom Jewelry Based on Your Favorite Film or TV Series

There’s nothing like binge-watching every single season of a costume drama like Downton Abbey or Game of Thrones to generate a hunger for the fashion of times gone by. Obviously, bundling into corsets or donning wolf-hides aren’t pragmatic options – but you can have custom jewelry designed based on your favorite film or TV series.

The inspiration for custom jewelry can come from absolutely anywhere.  Personally, I love high-performance cars. That’s how I wound up designing custom jewelry for the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. When you’re looking at a film or tv series as your inspiration, it may be that you like a particular piece of jewelry you’ve seen, or it may be that you want something that’s more evocative of the general feel.

When a film or TV series has a historical basis, we have a treasure trove of design history to draw on. Combining today’s modern jewelry making techniques with the styles of yesteryear is a winning combination. Actual antique or vintage jewelry can be exceptionally delicate and hard to wear; many timepieces are quite small and the condition can be an issue.

A modern handmade piece of custom jewelry in a historic style is another question entirely. For the first thing, because it is designed and made for you, it will fit. You’ll be able to wear your jewelry with comfort and confidence. Condition is never an issue, because all of our custom work is built to the highest possible standard, using only the very best materials. In fact, you can fully expect to enjoy your piece of custom jewelry for your entire lifetime and pass it along to future generations!

If the film or TV series you’re passionate about doesn’t have a historical basis, don’t sweat it! Fantasy and sci-fi films have inspired many fantastic pieces of jewelry. Collect imagery from the film that speaks to you – Pinterest is a great tool for this! – to help facilitate the design process. Sketches will be developed at that point, and through our conversation, we can refine the design until it’s exactly what you were dreaming of. You’ll be able to wear a wax model of your custom jewelry piece before it’s made to make sure you like how it looks and feels when it’s on. It’s a very exciting process, and many people who at first approached the idea of having jewelry made for them with some degree of hesitancy wind up becoming absolutely addicted to bringing their creative visions to life.

Try it -and we promise you’ll never watch Netflix the same way again!