Custom Jewelry Designs for The Holidays

Custom Jewelry Designs for The Holidays

The holiday season makes everyone want to try their hand at DIY crafts. You start to see your neighbors get creative with elf on the shelf or with their window decorations. Even your kids get in on the action with their presents made from scratch, and there is something extra special about that. Jewelry is filled with different meanings and memories, but when you make something that is all your idea, there is just that added sentimental value!

Engagement rings that suit your future bride come with various questions, such as the traditional. What kind of stone would she like? What color? Sometimes that perfect ring you are looking for isn’t just one you could find in-store or even online. With more than seven billion people in the world, finding the one you want to spend the rest of your life with is an adventure. Give her the same one-of-a-kind ring that will show just how much thought and effort you put into giving her a ring that is all her! Take a look at two of our custom engagement rings done for clients who were ready to make their bride’s dream ring a reality.

Already have the engagement ring? Then start thinking about the next step, the wedding band! You might have the bride that would like a plain wedding band because of her daily routine or job but if she wants to add a bit more spice to her engagement ring, then customize a wedding band that you won’t see anywhere else. Ladies, this goes for you too! If your future hubby loves the idea that you put together yourself, then talk with a trained jewelry designer here at JewelSmiths for a band to make his heart race. This channel band shown below is a perfect example of boldness and simplicity all wrapped into one. With the princess cut diamonds and the comfort fit style, there is nothing like it all made with the groom in mind.

The process itself is painless. Bring in all of your ideas, whether you doodled it on a napkin or various printouts of different pieces of jewelry. Which, even though we didn’t say it outright, could be any jewelry, not just a ring! Pendants, bracelets, earrings, and more can all be brought to life with our experts. Our designers will create a 3D rendering to show you what all your ideas look like put together when you schedule a consultation. Then a wax model is produced to show you how it will look and feel when being worn. With your final approval, your new gift will start coming to life.

This holiday season, don’t just shop every store for something that someone else can buy. Give her or him the gift of something that is uniquely them with JewelSmiths.

Our jewelry store in Oklahoma City looks forward to helping you find the perfect gift this season. Happy Holidays from the team at JewelSmiths!