Customize the Holidays with JewelSmiths

Customize the Holidays with JewelSmiths

The holidays are a magical time, filled with light and joy. However, they can be pretty hectic too, which can lead to us falling into routine just to get things done. This can be especially true when it comes to gift-giving. It can be tempting to give our loved ones the same presents every year. Whether it’s gift cards, slippers, bathrobes or even socks, our nearest and dearest sometimes receive gifts which are lackluster, rather than something unique as they are. This year, switch it up to make your gifts meaningful and one-of-a-kind. With JewelSmiths, it’s easy to customize your holidays and design gifts that are absolutely unforgettable.

Create Something New

There’s no better way to express just how incredible a person is than with a gift of custom-made jewelry. Through custom jewelry, you can make a piece as strikingly individual as the person who will be wearing it. At JewelSmiths, we specialize in one-of-a-kind designs. In our low-pressure, non-commission environment, you’ll have the opportunity to browse a wide variety of creations and craft something completely unique. Our specially trained designers will be there to guide you, using decades of design experience and expertise to help you bring your dreams to life.

Refresh an Heirloom

Do you know someone who has a family heirloom tucked away that could use some TLC? Or maybe your loved one has talked about refreshing the piece entirely? If so, JewelSmiths can do both. We can restore an heirloom which has seen better days, making it shine bright as new. A piece can also be revamped entirely, such as taking a center or side-stones and placing them in a different setting or crafting something wholly unique with the original as inspiration.

Add a Personal Touch

You might already have a handsome watch or elegant bracelet picked out for your loved one, but find you might want to add a special touch. One way to do this is through engraving. You can ingrain the person’s name or even a short phrase. At JewelSmiths our technicians can add personalization to watches, bracelets, rings and pendants, making that already distinctive gift all the more special.

Fix It Up

Maybe your wife has a beautiful necklace she never wears because the clasp is broken. Or perhaps your daughter has a gorgeous ring that’s missing a stone. A thoughtful but often overlooked gift is having beloved pieces repaired. At JewelSmiths we perform a number of repairs, from mending broken clasps to polishing gemstones. We can get that adored treasure back into sparkling condition so that the person you’re gifting it to can continue wearing and cherishing it.

Customize Your Gifts with JewelSmiths

This holiday season, break from the tradition of giving the same old gifts. Instead, reinvent the wheel with something truly unique and customized. Trust us, they’ll be thrilled that you mixed it up and tried something new. Plus, you’re going to adore seeing the looks on your loved ones faces as they open their stunning tailored-made gifts. So, if you’re looking for something different, visit us at 6517 N. May Ave. Our experienced team-members would be happy to assist you in crafting the perfect presents.

Whatever your plans, we hope you enjoy your time with friends and family this December. We wish you the happiest of holidays!