Fine Jewelry Repair: Experience Really Matters

Fine Jewelry Repair in Oklahoma City

Fine Jewelry Repair: Experience Really Matters

We’re very proud that JewelSmiths is known for our custom jewelry repair work. Creating unique engagement rings, one of a kind bridal sets, and other wedding jewelry for our customers is a special joy. Oklahoma City is also home to some very creative, fashion forward people and we love creating custom jewelry for them. Working with someone to transform their personal vision into a shining, tangible beautiful piece of fine jewelry they love wearing is an exhilarating experience.

But there’s something else we love to do as well: fix fine jewelry. Life can be very exciting sometimes, and jewelry can bear the brunt of the good times. Rings lose their stones, get caught and bent, or even wind up being cut off by emergency medical professionals in the course or their response. Sometimes people gain or lose weight, so their jewelry doesn’t fit anymore. Necklaces get knotted, broken, or have clasps that don’t stay securely shut. Bracelets get bent out of shape, lose links, or no longer fit.

Discover Oklahoma City’s Best Jewelry Repair by Arthur Gordon

Broken jewelry can be fixed. Our Master Jeweler, Arthur Gordon, actually wrote the jewelry repair reference book the industry depends on to this day. The Comprehensive Guide to Handling Jewelry Repairs has been sold to jewelers around the world as a training guide for their employees. When jewelers in New York, Beverly Hills, and other high-fashion capitals are faced with a jewelry repair they don’t know how to handle, they often consult with Arthur or even have him do the repair: his reputation is that strong!

When you have a piece of fine jewelry you love, that is broken, you don’t want to trust the repairs to just anyone. You want to work with a skilled professional who understands the properties of gold and fine metals, who knows how gemstones are best set, and who is a true master of the architecture and workings of fine jewelry! Design is far more than beauty: fine jewelry must function flawlessly to be truly satisfying.

Arthur Gordon has more than thirty years’ of experience repairing fine jewelry. Our Oklahoma City shop contains the latest, most cutting edge repair equipment, including precision lasers. We will work closely with you during your jewelry repair. After Arthur examines the piece, he will let you know what all the repair options are and what his recommendations are. As you move forward, you can be fully confident that all work is done to the highest specifications and that you’ll soon be able to wear your jewelry again!