Five Things to Do After the Proposal

Couple kissing. One has their palm pointed towards the camera with the text I Said Yes written on their palm

Five Things to Do After the Proposal

Your partner found the ring of your dreams and you said “yes!” with all your heart. Your head is probably already filled with joy, but also with everything that needs to be orchestrated in the coming months. From sharing the news to planning your wedding, there’s a lot to think about. At JewelSmiths, we’ve learned a thing or two about the wonders of the engagement process. In addition to helping you find the perfect ring, we’re here to provide you with our top five tips on what you should do after a successful proposal.

1. Celebrate!

The first thing you should do after you’ve said “yes!” is celebrate. As a couple, you’re starting the next chapter of your lives together. So, open a bottle of champagne and toast to your newly engaged status.

Next, consider buying your partner an engagement gift to express your love in return. You could try a handsome pair of cufflinks, such as these Sterling Silver and Gold Weave cufflinks or these Sterling Silver Onyx Triangular cufflinks. A watch or bracelet with a custom engraving would also be a timeless gift.

Now it’s time to call your closest loved ones and share the fantastic news. Try not to post on social media until you’ve told the important people in your life. After all, you wouldn’t want your parents hearing about your engagement through Facebook.

2. Get the Ring Resized and Insured

The next thing you should consider is getting your priceless engagement ring properly sized and insured.

If your beautiful ring needs to be resized, come to JewelSmiths! Ring resizing is one of the many services we offer.

Once the ring is the right size, it’s time to get it insured. Insurance is absolutely essential and protects the ring in the case of loss, theft, damage or mysterious disappearance. We recommend you go through an insurance company which specializes in jewelry. When you come into JewelSmiths, ask us for a Personal Jewelry Application. We can perform an insurance appraisal for your ring. Then all you have to do is mail the completed application with the appraisal and a check for the insurance premium, making applying for insurance simple.

3. Plan the Dream Wedding

This is easily the most fun yet time-consuming thing you’ll have to do after the proposal. Make sure you and your partner are working together when it comes to planning the wedding. It’s your big day and you both should have input about the location, the ceremony, the guest list and more. It’s vital to set a budget and a tentative date for the wedding. You can set the final date as your plans come together, such as booking a venue and caterers. Consider setting up a Pinterest and begin saving ideas for dresses, cakes, flowers, decorations and themes. You might also think about hiring a wedding planner if you believe that would make things smoother and ultimately less stressful.

4. Shop for Wedding Bands

These are the rings which symbolize your everlasting commitment and love for one another. It makes sense to invest time in finding the right ones together.

At JewelSmiths, we have a number of complimentary women’s wedding rings designed to pair with an engagement ring. For instance, we have the elegant and classic Tess wedding band, which partners with the Tess engagement ring or the gracefully bold Emma wedding band which matches the Emma engagement ring. You can always buy the engagement ring and wedding band pair or mix-and-match whichever designs and styles your heart desires.

There is also the option of custom designed wedding bands. You and your beloved can create an unforgettable matching set which is all your own, crafted to your unique specifications.

5. Spend Some Quality Time Together

There’s a big chance that most of your time spent together in the coming months will be centered around planning the wedding. That’s why it’s super important to make time for each other, doing the things that you love together. Propose a special date night or a weekend getaway. Enjoy each other’s company and the incredible feeling of being engaged. This is a special period in your relationship and you should savor each moment.

JewelSmiths Is Here for You

It’s thrilling to take your relationship to new heights. From sharing the news to planning the big day, there’s nothing like being engaged. It’s a unique milestone which should be cherished. At JewelSmiths, we love honoring your milestones. With stunning fine and custom-made jewelry, we treasure your most precious moments with you. So, come down to 6517 N. May Ave. in Oklahoma City. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members are excited to assist you after your proposal.