Garnet the Beauty of January’s Birthstone

january birthstone garnet

Garnet the Beauty of January’s Birthstone

For centuries, garnet has enticed jewelry wearers across the world. The oldest known piece of garnet today was found in an Egyptian tomb that dates back more than 5,000 years ago. That just goes to show how endlessly classic and on-trend the garnet stone will always be!

Most jewelry enthusiasts know that garnet is January’s birthstone. What people are often surprised to learn is that not all garnets are red – garnets can be found in greens, oranges, pinks and purples. A red garnet is the most popular because it is more abundant than other hues, since the chemical properties and conditions needed to form a red garnet occur often and naturally.

Beyond its uses in crafting beautiful jewelry, garnet represents regeneration and is believed to energize space. The stone can boost and revitalize a space, which helps stabilize and bring order to the area. Garnet is also used as a protective stone, repelling evils during travel, nightmares and injuries. Additionally, garnet is said to have healing properties. Healing specialists say that the stone helps heal acid reflux, boost the immune system and improve reproductive health.

As a hard gemstone, its uses in jewelry are endless – it’s stunning as the centerpiece of beautiful earrings or the heart of an opulent pendant, but it’s also tough enough to withstand the wear on a bracelet or in a ring. Of course, if red isn’t your color, remember you’ve got a whole spectrum of garnets to choose from. We’re seeing the color-change garnet become increasingly popular, particularly in rings, where the shift in hues under incandescent and natural light is the most pronounced. Opt for a Tsavorite or Demantoid garnet to make your friends green with envy. Spessartite is for orange lovers, Grossular brings a bright ray of sunshine yellow and Melanite is a beautiful alternative to black onyx. January babies aren’t limited to red anymore – there is a color for every mood and style. Who knew garnet was so versatile?