Love is in the Air with JewelSmiths!

Love is in the Air with JewelSmiths!

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to think about what your loved ones might want but won’t tell you! Don’t worry, that’s where we come in! Oh, and no… we’re not just talking about heart-shaped chocolates, bouquets of roses, and even chocolate-covered strawberries. Putting cravings aside, finding the perfect piece of jewelry can really set you up for a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

To all our singles out there, what better way to ask someone to be your valentine than with a piece of jewelry! At JewelSmiths, we provide you with custom designs, diamonds, and other different unique types of handcrafted jewelry to serve you in the long run. We want to provide our customers with readily available jewelry that will benefit them and bring them joy on that special day, which is February 14th, 2021!

Take this opportunity to venture out and enjoy this love spectacle! Here are some of our most popular and captivating pieces of jewelry that you can find at our jewelry store in Oklahoma:

18kt and Sterling Silver Amethyst & Rose Quartz Bangle

To all the men out there – you can never go wrong with purple and pink! Ask yourself, though, how can you elevate from that? Try opting for gemstones. With this riveting amethyst and rose quartz bangle, she will look and feel like a duchess! Did we also mention that the birthstone for February is amethyst? Kill two birds with one stone with this elegant bracelet.

Livia Wedding Band

Who said traditional wedding rings were the way to go? Don’t be afraid to be original and explore the eye-catching pattern that comes with a diamond wedding band. This ring will certainly add a little spice to that future engagement ring she is so desperately waiting for! The time to act is now, guys!

Sterling Silver Bangle

You can always broadcast your love to your special someone without the usual red, purple, and white. This silver, stream-like bracelet gives off a more cunning, serious tone that will have her head over heels for you this Valentine’s Day.

18kt and Sterling Silver Diamond Knot Earrings

Are you thinking of tying the knot with your loved one? Before you do, make sure she is wearing these beautiful diamond knot earrings! The knotted feature in these earrings brings out a particular aesthetic that is simply unmatched and represents your undying bond together.

Ava Engagement Ring

There is nothing quite like it. Breathtaking, to say the least, this diamond ring is eye-catching and one-of-a-kind. The diamond center stone on this Ava engagement ring will put her in a category of her own! If you’re going to get serious, you might as well take action during the sentimental month of February!

Well, there you have it! We hope to have delivered an outstanding selection of our most beloved jewelry. With the season of love about to dawn on us, act fast and showcase all that pent up love to that special one with the right item of jewelry! Contact us today for more information or call: 405-848-1688