Oklahoma City Bridal Jewelry: Spring & Summer Fashion Forecast

Custom Bridal Rings design

Oklahoma City Bridal Jewelry: Spring & Summer Fashion Forecast

As the spring bridal season begins, it’s a great time to look at the bridal jewelry trends that are burning up runways right now. Oklahoma City brides have always walked a fine line, adopting the very best new looks but often putting their own spin on them – personalization and custom jewelry are often used locally to create unique engagement rings.

Unique Halo Settings: Make The Look Your Own

The Halo engagement ring design is popular for a reason. The fundamental concept of surrounding a gorgeous center stone with a ring of gorgeous matched diamonds is rock solid. The sparkle and shine of the Halo setting attracts the eye and highlights how happy you are in your love story. Oklahoma City brides have been choosing custom jewelry to put their own twist on the Halo setting. Choose a colored center stone – colored diamonds are very popular, as are sapphires and aquamarines – or go vintage style. Mixing tones of gold, especially rose gold and yellow gold, adds a fresh appeal to the familiar Halo setting.

Two Stone Rings with Special Meaning

Two stone engagement rings launched with tremendous fanfare, as couples adore the idea of one diamond to represent your best friend and the other your true love. In an exciting twist, we’ve seen increasing numbers of Oklahoma City couples design unique two stone bridal jewelry. These engagement rings can feature diamonds of two different sizes, diamonds that were remounted from family heirloom jewelry- one gorgeous custom engagement ring featured the diamonds from both his and her side of the family’s bridal jewelry combined into a new heirloom piece – and diamonds paired with colored gemstones.

Edwardian Elegance: Romantic Details, Timeless Style

The four things Oklahoma City romantics value most about bridal jewelry – beauty, pride, love and diamonds – come together beautifully in Edwardian jewelry. Edwardian bridal style isn’t all about the center stone: instead, multiple diamonds and often colored gemstones are set in intricate, highly detailed romantic designs. White gold is the most popular metal for Edwardian bridal jewelry, but of course, we can create your Edwardian wedding jewelry in yellow gold, rose gold, a combination of golds or platinum!