Oklahoma City Watch Repairs

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Oklahoma City Watch Repairs

Time Flies (and Breaks) When You’re Having Fun

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “time flies when you’re having fun.” The truth is that time can literally fly, and break, with the result being a damaged wristwatch. If you’re the owner of a broken timepiece, you’ll have no way of knowing just how much time has passed until you take your valued watch for expert repair.

These days, quality watch repair services can be hard to find. However, if  you’re in Oklahoma City, consider yourself lucky—expert watch repair is right around the corner at your neighborhood’s favorite jewelry store: Jewelsmiths!

Oklahoma City Watch Repair

Here at Jewelsmiths, we cover all the bases of watch repair. From replacing your watch’s battery and innards, to resizing or swapping out your watchband— rest assured that our watch repair experts have the skills for the job. If your watch needs restoring, refurbishing, repairing and/or replacing, our Oklahoma City jewelry store is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Whether your timepiece is quartz, mechanical, automatic, self-winding, or self-charging, Jewelsmiths can service your watch.

Find Time to Repair Your Watch

Enjoying while you wait service is one of the many benefits of choosing Jewelsmiths to repair your watch. For more intensive repairs, you’ll wait only a short time (typically 3-4 weeks) for the following watch repairs. All repairs come with a one-year guarantee, so you can enjoy your repair stress-free!

  • Stem & Crown Repair
  • Crystal Repair
  • Movement Replacement & Servicing

While You Wait Repair

Time flies. Lucky for you, so do the following watch repairs at Jewelsmiths. We’ll make these repairs to your watch while you wait:

  • Watch Battery Installation
  • Watchband Shortening
  • Watchband Repair
  • Clasp Repair
  • Buckle Repair

Watch Repair Service: What to Look For

Oftentimes, your brand name luxury watch will all but insist that you bring its broken pieces back to its original manufacturer for servicing and repair. Hesitancy to use a third-party watch repair service is understandable, especially when you or your loved one has spent a mini fortune on your timepiece. You’ll want to ensure that the person or agency taking it apart and putting it back together again has the expertise and knowledgeability to do so.

Jewelsmiths’ skilled watchmakers are proficient architects of their trade. When you choose Jewelsmiths to repair your luxury watch, you can breathe easily knowing that your brand name watch is in the best hands possible.

Complete Watch Servicing in Oklahoma

Whether your watch is losing time, gaining time, or unable to find the time to function properly altogether, our complete servicing option will have your watch running functionally again. What kind of servicing your watch requires and how much it will cost varies depending on the type of watch you have. When we say, “type of watch”, we’re generally referring to the two main styles of watches: Mechanical Watches & Quartz Watches.

Quartz Watch Servicing & Repair

A quartz watch is battery powered and controlled by a small fragment of quartz crystal. If replacing the battery doesn’t restore your quartz watch to proper functioning, it’s time for complete servicing. Additionally, there are times where servicing the quartz movement do not resolve the issue. Our next step would be to replace the watch’s circuit board or movement—in which case, we will notify you of this when we provide you with an estimate.

Mechanical Watch Servicing & Repair

A mechanical watch typically does not have a battery. You either wind your mechanical watch yourself, or if it’s an automatic watch, it winds itself as you wear it. To get your mechanical watch to run properly again, one of our expert watchmakers with perform what we call a COA— Clean, Order, Adjust. During this process, the watchmaker takes your watch apart, cleans and oils its parts, reassembles it, and adjusts the timing. Older watches sometimes have parts that need replacing; in which case, your mechanical watch will need more than a COA to run properly again. However, this is seldom the case.

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Time waits for no one, so don’t waste any more time deliberating! Jewelsmiths is your destination for watch repair in Oklahoma City.

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