Oklahoma City’s Destination for Jewelry Cleaning & Maintenance

Oklahoma City’s Destination for Jewelry Cleaning & Maintenance

At JewelSmiths, we’re proud of who we are, and we’re doubly proud of the services that our jewelry experts can offer you. JewelSmiths has been cleaning, repairing, and maintaining fine jewelry designs ever since we opened our Oklahoma City doors in 1904. Our unmatched jewelry maintenance and repair services have been refined to a level of perfection that only 115 years of practice can attain. That’s why we consider ourselves to be the authority on cleaning and maintaining the finest jewelry designs of the good citizens of Oklahoma City.


We know that a life well lived can be hard on jewelry— and jewelry well cared for will last a lifetime. That’s why we strongly advocate that you care for your beloved bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, chains, watches and other jewelry properly if you want to maintain their integrity and someday hope to pass these items down as heirlooms. Here are some of our most important do’s and don’ts of jewelry care:



–               Keep your jewelry’s warranty protection in order

–               Maintain the integrity of your jewelry with consistent, professional jewelry cleaning and maintenance

–               Have your jewelry inspected regularly to catch things like loose settings, this way we can catch repair the issue before your gemstones fall out

–               Skip the mall and get your jewelry repaired professionally and much more quickly at JewelSmiths. We value your time, and we will get you in and out in no time, etc. Our services include same-day watch battery repairs and same-day ring sizing

–               Bring your dull, worn, broken, loose, unhinged, cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged jewelry designs to JewelSmiths for repair ad restoration. With over one hundred years of combined experience in jewelry repair. We’ve encountered just about every jewelry fiasco you can imagine and have handled it with ease



–               Store multiple jewelry items in the same compartment or container. This makes jewelry designs vulnerable to becoming scratched, tangled or broken

–               Allow heavy force to be applied to your diamond jewelry. Though diamonds may be the hardest of all gemstones, they can still chip when struck at certain angles!

–               Wear a tennis bracelet that is too loose for your wrist. The multiple diamonds and links make loose tennis bracelets more vulnerable to wear

–               Allow just any jewelry store to repair and maintain your precious jewelry.

What Professional Cleaning Can Do that Your Self-Steamer Can’t:

Sure, jewelry cleaning is possible, but it also puts your jewelry at risk for damage. Certain DIY cleaners are safe for some gemstones but can damage others. And just as classic cars are still drivable because they were serviced properly from the beginning, you shouldn’t forego professional cleaning at your local Oklahoma City jeweler if you want your jewelry to last a lifetime or longer. JewelSmiths offers complimentary cleaning and inspection services that will have your jewelry design looking as dazzling as it did the day it was purchased.

Additionally, an expert jeweler will be able to spot any wear or damage to your design that, to the human eye, may go unnoticed. This allows your jeweler to catch the potential issue before it becomes a real problem. 

Jewelry Appraisal

JewelSmiths’ jewelry appraisal services are the best in Oklahoma City! Our insurance replacement appraisals will help you to obtain or maintain an insurance policy on an item. This can protect you from receiving an inferior or unacceptable substitution jewelry item should you lose the original. We also offer fair market value appraisals for willing buyers and sellers, as well as immediate liquidation value appraisals. As most insurance companies request that clients have personal property values updated every 2-3 years due to changes in the market, we can also update your appraisals on any gold and diamond items!

All appraisals are done in-house with the utmost care and consideration. We will clean and inspect your items prior to appraising them, as well as test, grade, and measure individual gemstones, as well as research the jewelry item for current market value and provide a picture with a complete description. JewelSmiths offers same day appointments for in-house jewelry appraisals. Contact us today!