Knock your sweetheart’s socks right off with a gift that’s extremely personal!

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Knock your sweetheart’s socks right off with a gift that’s extremely personal!

Listen up! This year, Valentine’s Day is Tuesday, February 14th. That’s just about a month away, which means you have time to knock your sweetheart’s socks right off with a gift that’s extremely personal, totally romantic, and, best of all, won’t cost you a ton of money.

Here’s how it works. Every household has its own division of labor, and in yours, you might be the one who’s tasked with making sure broken things get fixed. Maybe you’ve heard of this as the “Honey-Do” list. When the light bulbs pop, the drains are clogged, and the car’s making a noise that sounds like a wildebeest got trapped under the hood and is trying to kick its way out, the Honey-Do list gets longer. There are always some fix it jobs that just never get mentioned.

In your sweetheart’s jewelry box, there are items they love and cherish but do not wear. Maybe it’s a ring that’s too small or too large – weight fluctuations happen with pregnancy, time, and stress. It could be a pendant that’s lost a stone, a bracelet with broken links, or a watch that no longer keeps time. These items get put away, but they never, ever seem to get better on their own. They just linger, loved but forgotten.

JewelSmiths: 100+ Years of High Performance Jewelry Repair

If you know your sweetheart has a piece of jewelry they love but can’t wear anymore, getting it repaired can be an absolutely fantastic Valentine’s Day gift. JewelSmiths is absolutely THE place to go in Oklahoma City for fine jewelry repair. In fact, Arthur Gordon, the guy in charge, actually wrote the definitive textbook on the subject – the book other jewelers turn to when they need to know how to handle challenging jewelry repairs! Plus he has the latest and greatest state of the art equipment and it’s done in his shop not sent out like most other stores do. Be sure and check out JewelSmiths on-line 5 Star Reviews.

Rings can be resized so they fit the size fingers they are now. Imagine how good it would feel for your sweetheart to be able to slip on the ring you gave them once again! Broken pieces of jewelry can be reconditioned, which includes repairing broken, bent or damaged prongs and replacing missing stones. The cost of repair work varies with what needs to be done, but it’s almost always a more affordable option than replacing the item entirely or buying something new.

As an added bonus, you look like a rock star. Here you are, the God of thoughtfulness, going above and beyond to make sure your sweetheart can wear their favorite jewelry with confidence. By bringing damaged jewelry to an experienced master jeweler who knows how to fix even the most fragile, delicate items beautifully, you’ve done something that’s both valuable and caring. And isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?