The Dazzling Diamond

The Dazzling Diamond

On a clear night you’ll see stars scattered across the dark sky. You might marvel at those heavenly beauties and their gorgeous light. What you might not know is that the shimmering diamond in your priceless engagement ring is probably older than some of those stars.

The diamond is the lustrous empress of gemstones, symbolizing enduring love and devotion. At JewelSmiths, we have a passion for this stunning stone which is reflected in the curated collection of exquisite pieces we offer. The diamond has a rich and compelling history, extending back thousands of years and spanning the globe. When we examine the history of the diamond, we see a reflection of JewelSmiths’ own unique values of beauty, love and pride. Step back in time with us and explore the extraordinary story of this amazing gem.


Diamonds have an unmatched beauty which has been recognized and valued throughout time. Most were formed billions of years ago, deep beneath the earth’s crust by forces of extreme heat and pressure. Afterwards they were thrust towards the surface by volcanic activity. Even in their raw form, the gems glow radiantly.

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Diamonds were first mined over 2000 years ago in ancient India. The Hindus called the diamond “vajra”, or “thunderbolt”, because they believed the luminous gems were created when lightning struck stone.

Through trade, they navigated their way into the wider world. When they arrived in ancient Greece, the Greeks believed the gorgeous stones were the tears of the gods or splinters from fallen stars. As the gems came to Europe, they were so rare and alluring they were worn only by the most elite of society. In 13th century France, Louis IX conveniently established a law reserving diamonds only for the king.


The ancient Romans believed that Cupid, the god of love and desire, carried arrows with diamond barbs. This aligned diamonds with the idea of love. In 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria was head over heels for Mary of Burgundy. He commissioned the first diamond engagement ring, sparking a tradition that continues to this day. However, that tradition didn’t take off until the famed slogan “A Diamond Is Forever” was developed by Frances Gerety in 1948. This single slogan made diamond engagement rings so popular that today more than 80% of American brides receive a diamond engagement ring. As a result of its association with engagement rings, the diamond has become a symbol of everlasting love and devotion.

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The word for diamond comes from the ancient Greek word “adamas”, referring to a substance which is so hard that it’s unbreakable. It also means “invincibile” and “unconquerable”. Throughout history, this adamantine stone has been worn, admired and cherished for countless reasons. In ancient Rome, soldiers believed the gem could protect them in battle. During the Middle Ages in Europe, diamonds were the “miracle stone” and could cure everything from stomach aches to mental illnesses. People even consumed “medicine” based on powdered diamonds. Jewish High Priests used diamonds to determine if someone was guilty or innocent of a crime. If someone was truthful, the gem would sparkle brightly. But if the person was lying, the stone would be dull and dark.

In the modern world, we understand that diamonds are miraculous because of their incandescent beauty. Anyone can appreciate the glorious light given off by a diamond engagement ring, a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond tennis bracelet. At JewelSmiths, we’re captivated by the dazzling diamond. It’s part of why we specialize in diamond jewelry, proudly providing the citizens of Oklahoma City with artfully crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces. We also offer custom designed jewelry, including handsomely rendered diamond engagement rings. Our designers work closely with you to turn your sweetest dreams into a reality, creating works of unparalleled beauty.

Find Your Dazzling Diamond Piece at JewelSmiths

Diamonds are far from being a simple stone. They’ve inspired beauty, love and pride for thousands of years. From the Hindus to the Greeks, people have relished the undeniable power of diamonds. Today, their magic is stronger than ever. When you purchase a diamond, you’re collecting a rich piece of history, something which has endured throughout the entire span of human existence.

There’s no better place to collect your piece of history than at JewelSmiths. Just like the diamond, our exclusive collection has no rivals. From gorgeous pendants to shimmering earrings, it’s unlike anything else you’ll experience. So, come and visit us today at 6517 N. May Ave and find a unique piece for that special someone in your life.