Watch and Jewelry Repair at JewelSmiths

Watch and Jewelry Repair at JewelSmiths

There are certain accessories you just cannot go without, and when those treasures break or lose a gemstone, you are at a loss. That pendant or watch may no longer be getting made, so then you feel as though you are stuck between selling the piece or just keeping it in your jewelry box collecting dust. Fortunately, there is an alternative. With our in-house repair services, we can provide you with a quick turnaround time so that you can go back to accessorizing in no time!

Certain precious metals like gold and silver will fatigue or erode over time. This can cause latches, clasps, prongs, and links to break. You can have just about any piece of jewelry back to looking good as new with our experienced jewelers. Our list of jewelry repairs goes above and beyond what you think you might be needing. If your pearl necklace is looking a bit loose, then ask for a restringing. Wear on your bezel? We can rebuild bezel designs, seats, and channel sets, or even bail repairs. The best part is after any repairs; you can have a thorough cleaning of your jewelry. This includes polishing and Rhodium plating, all to have your jewelry sparkle like it did the day it was purchased.

Although watches are a part of the jewelry shopping experience, they need their special treatment. A timepiece is meant to last a lifetime and be given to future generations. However, that is only able to happen when given excellent care. Come to JewelSmiths for routine repairs such as battery replacement, sizing, and possibly replacing missing pins in the bracelet. We even do more complex repairs like ultrasonically cleaning the case, movement overhaul, or a complete servicing.

A complete watch servicing means that we will return a watch to the proper running order. Whether it’s gaining time, losing time, or stopping time altogether, and our experts will determine what is needed. The process will depend on whether the watch is mechanical or quartz. For mechanical watches to return to proper working order, they might just need a clean, oil, and adjust (COA). A quartz watch will require servicing if a new battery doesn’t do the trick. However, if your watch circuit board or the movement requires replacement, we will need to provide you an estimate. No matter what, the end result will always be having your timepiece back in impeccable condition.

This holiday season, take a look at something old that can be made good as new. It isn’t always about the cost of a gift, but how much it will mean to the person receiving it. A ring, pendant, bracelet, or watch could have so many memories tied to it that being unable to wear it could make them feel sad. So, brighten up their day and start their new year with an old piece having a fresh feel!