Jewelry Repair and Restoration

stock-photo-29324638-ring-polishingOne thing about jewelry that is certain is that precious metals will fatigue or erode over time. Constant contact with different surfaces or even other jewelry will slowly wear away gold or platinum settings, weakening hinges, joints, prongs and clasps. Fatigue takes place when the metal is stressed by constant knocking or bending. The easiest way to picture this is to imagine a paper clip being bent back and forth several times until it breaks. Once metal fatigue or erosion occurs, latches, clasps, prongs and links are prone to breaking.

Our experienced jewelers can repair or restore just about any jewelry item to almost new condition. All work is done in-house under the watchful eye of Arthur Gordon, owner of JewelSmiths, who is considered an expert in jewelry manufacturing. Mr. Gordon’s expertise has been sought out for help in the restoration of major high end pieces from jewelers in New York, Beverly Hills and San Francisco, to name a few. The quality of his work is widely known and well regarded among jewelers across the country. He has written a book The Comprehensive Guide to Handling Jewelry Repairs, which has been sold to jewelers around the world as a training guide for their employees.

With over one hundred years of combined experience, we have encountered nearly every jewelry repair scenario imaginable. The most common jewelry repairs are related to worn parts or prongs. In many cases a simple prong repair can avoid having to completely replace an engagement center stone, or the loss of additional side stones. Another common service needed is chain repair. The links that make up a gold chain are in constant motion, wearing against one another, and making it susceptible to breakage which could lead to the loss of your pendant. Chains, along with bracelets and pins, also have clasps which are often lost or damaged over time and need repair or replacement.

We will examine your jewelry and recommend what we feel is your best option to restore the piece to a condition that can be worn and enjoyed for years to come. This often means doing more than what may be immediately obvious. We prefer to take the necessary steps to repair the problem and not just slap a band-aid on it. We use the latest technology and equipment available including precision laser welding. Using a laser allows us to perform many tasks that simply cannot be done with older methods. We can safely work around heat sensitive stones without risking any damage from removal and resetting, which is often required without the laser.

All jewelry work and fabrication is done on-site. We use new metal and top quality supplies, not used or re-purposed as may be used in the bargain-price repair shops. We are commonly called upon by customers and other shops to repair or undo what has been done with low-end materials and shortcuts. No matter how small your repair needs may be, we will use the same skilled craftsmen to perform the task that we entrust to work on priceless collectibles.

We work with silver, gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum.

From routine repairs, to elaborate antique jewelry restoration, our jewelers have the technical skills, experience, and equipment necessary to provide competent solutions. All work is guaranteed for one year unless otherwise disclosed.

We also provide pearl restringing or the stringing of semi-precious stone beads.

Listed below are more examples of jewelry repair services we provide:

  • Jewelry Cleaning – Basic Cleaning, or Back to Factory Specs including polishing and Rhodium plating
  • Shank work including soldering, ring sizing, mounting assembly and installing
  • All prong work including retipping and replacing prongs
  • Stone setting including tightening, channel set, bezel set, bead set, pavé set and bright cutting
  • Check, Tighten, or Replace Stones
  • Tips, Prongs, Channel Repair
  • Ring Sizing or Sizing Assistants
  • Shank Replacement
  • Finishing including Rhodium Plating, enamel/epoxy, polishing, Sandblast, Satin, Florentine finishing
  • Chain and Bracelet Repairs – soldering, jump ring and charm soldering
  • Clasp repair or replacement, including Spring Rings, Fish hook, box clasp, Lobster Claw, Box Clasp , Barrel Clasp, and Pearl Clasps
  • Stringing Necklaces and Bracelets – Pearl and Bead, knotted or without knots restringing, drill pearl , glue pearl
  • Earring repair including soldering post, screw-back and post conversion, lever-back drop conversion
  • Solder Rings Together (or take them apart)
  • Fabrication including rebuilding bezel, seat and channel sets, gold link rebuilding, gold link addition/removal and bail repair
  • Platinum welding and ring sizing with torch or laser
  • Miscellaneous including fabrication, gold testing, diamond testing, cleaning and polishing
  • Watch Repair including watch link removal, battery replacement, crystal replacement/repair and rebuilding movements
  • Engraving – Machine and Hand
  • Repairing and Polishing Gemstones
  • Recut Chipped or Broken Diamonds
  • Custom Design and Manufacturing