Alwand Vahan Jewelry

Alwand Vahan Jewelry

Leon Calousdian, better known as Sacha, is the founder of Alwand Vahan Jewelry. His family ties to the jewelry business can be traced back four generations to the 1800s.

His designs have vastly changed to meet today’s needs for wearable, sophisticated jewelry. Comfort and practicality, a must for today’s busy lifestyle, are blended into the timeless, sexy designs.

A fifth generation has been launched. Sacha’s son Greg has joined the family firm and brings a host of enthusiastic new ideas. In addition to increased strength and improved ease in using the clasp we can look forward to many new and exciting developments.

The craftsmanship behind Alwand Vahan is second to none and the comfort, every day wear ability, and timeless look has far surpassed any of their competition. Any bracelet can be custom made to accommodate any length so you can be sure that your Vahan is truly a perfect fit.

The assurance of getting the highest quality is guaranteed by all Alwand Vahan products coming with a Lifetime Warranty.

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