Watch Repair

We offer the following watch repair services:

  • Watch Battery Replacement
  • Watchbands Sized – Remove or add links,
  • Watchbands Repaired – Replace missing pins in bracelet
  • Watchband Replacement – leather or stainless steel
  • Ultrasonically Clean the Case and Watchband

  • Fix or replace Stems & Crowns
  • Restore / Refurbish
  • Polish or replace Crystal
  • Install new rubber gasket
  • Complete Servicing -– COA (Clean, Oil, Adjust)
  • Movement Overhaul

iStock_000039680464_SmallWe carry almost every size of watch battery. We can service most mechanical watches, automatic or self-winding watches, self-charging watches and quartz watches.

Some repairs such as watch battery installment, shortening a watchband, watchband repair, clasp or buckle repair, can be done while you wait.

Repairs such as stems and crowns, crystals, movement replacement and servicing will usually take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to complete and come with a one year guarantee.


Complete Servicing

Complete servicing generally refers to returning a watch to proper running order, whether that watch is gaining time, losing time, or has stopped all together. The kind of watch you have will determine what kind of servicing is required and how much the servicing will cost. In the broadest sense there are two main categories of watches: mechanical watches and quartz watches

Mechanical Watches

A mechanical watch generally has no battery and is either a watch that you have to wind or an automatic watch which winds itself as you wear it. To return these watches to proper running order normally requires a COA or Clean, Oil, and Adjust. The watchmaker disassembles the watch, cleans the parts, oils them, reassembles the watch and adjusts the timing so the watch will once again run properly. Occasionally, there are parts, especially in older watches, that need replacing and will require more than a COA to return it to proper running order.

Quartz Watches

When a new battery does not return your quartz watch to proper running order, then that watch needs servicing.

Occasionally, servicing the quartz movement may not solve the problem. If the circuit board, or the movement requires replacement, we will inform you at the time that we provide an estimate.