100+ Years as Oklahoma City’s Destination Jewelry Store

100+ Years as Oklahoma City’s Destination Jewelry Store

The year is 1904. The US has gained control of the Panama Canal, the first New Year’s Eve celebration has been held in Times Square, and Henry Ford just set an automobile land speed record of over 91 mph.  What does any of this have to do with our jewelry store, you ask? Well, because in this same year the late Samuel Gordon opened the doors to what is now Oklahoma City’s JewelSmiths.

Nearly 115 years later, Arthur Gordon – the Successor to Samuel Gordon Jewelers™  –  continues to protect the same traditions and principles once practiced by his late grandfather. As a third-generation jeweler, Arthur is proud of where he came from. He’s worked in the industry all his life—from placing dimes in the parking meters of his father’s clients at just seven years old, to selling gold chains and rings to jewelry stores during the sweet age of 16. Time and experience have seasoned Arthur with unparalleled knowledge of the jewelry industry, and he proudly serves Oklahoma City as JewelSmiths’ highly talented Master Jeweler.

The Importance of Buying Local

As Arthur Gordon provides the Oklahoma City community with superior custom jewelry designs, he conveys the importance of buying jewelry from a local store. Not only does purchasing jewelry online not allow you to truly inspect the quality of the design, it robs the design of its true integrity and artistry. In-person purchasing ensures that you will see every facet of the jewelry design you’re considering. In addition, buying from a local jeweler means first-hand customer service, as well as the crucial face-to-face interpersonal communication that is necessary when creating a custom jewelry design.

Jewelry Repair for Any Design

Furthermore, Arthur expresses just how vital it is to have your jewelry checked, polished, maintained and upgraded in order to prolong the life and integrity of any jewelry design. Being as Arthur quite literally wrote the book on jewelry repair that has been sold to jewelers around the globe, JewelSmiths is your top destination for jewelry repair in Oklahoma City!

Tell Us How We’re Doing!

If you’re a previous or ongoing customer of JewelSmiths, we’d love to hear from you! When you have a moment, please consider leaving us a review on Google by clicking here. For those of you who like to read up on some first-hand reviews of Arthur and his team at JewelSmiths, you can visit our Google reviews here.