Jewelry in the Workplace: Creating a Powerful Impression

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Jewelry in the Workplace: Creating a Powerful Impression

Did you know that the average woman in Oklahoma City spends 30% of every year in the workplace? And of course, most of the women in this part of the country are above average. Women who are in leadership roles, entrepreneurs, healthcare providers or educators often spend even more time at work. We’re with our colleagues, co-workers, and customers more than we’re with anyone else. Being successful at work is a combination of skills and perception: it’s important to be capable and to be seen as being capable. Here’s how your jewelry plays a role in creating a powerful impression:

Workplace Jewelry Rule #1: Be Yourself

High achieving women are, by definition, poorly suited for cookie-cutter anything. They forge their own path personally and professionally. Why stop there? Your wardrobe is an expression of yourself. There are professional standards for every industry that dictate apparel choices to some degree. The jewelry you choose is one way to let your personality shine through. Don’t limit yourself to the trendy look that’s hot right now. Gemstone jewelry can be distinctive and tasteful at the same time. Unique rings and pendants are an ideal platform to showcase your love of color and design.

Workplace Jewelry Rule #2: Quality Counts

Being in the workplace means being subject to a certain amount of scrutiny. We live in an appearance-conscious society, and details matter. When you wear jewelry, particularly unique or distinctive colored gemstone jewelry, you want it to reflect well on the type of person you are and what you value. This means paying attention to the jewelry’s materials and craftsmanship. It is better to have a superior spinel than a lower quality ruby: even if the viewer knows only that both stones are red, the visual impact of the gem’s color, brilliance, and cut will be readily apparent. Choose handmade jewelry whenever possible: that way you eliminate the tired look and mold lines found in mass production pieces.

Workplace Jewelry Rule #3: Signatures Matter

Every now and then, the fashion press falls in love with the idea of a Signature piece of jewelry – an item that a woman is known for wearing. Signature jewelry can be a pin, brooch, pendant, ring, bracelet or even earrings. It’s a nice idea, but in the thirty-plus years I’ve been in this industry, I’ve found very few women who are truly comfortable pulling it off. Unless you find an exceptional piece of jewelry you’re comfortable wearing everywhere, embrace variety. Building a wardrobe of high-quality jewelry appropriate for the workplace can take time, but it is a fun journey of exploration and discovery. If you find that there’s a piece you know you want to have – and that would perhaps be your signature – have it created exactly the way you want it to be as a custom piece by an experienced master jeweler.