Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em Custom Jewelry: Why Your True Love Deserves Better

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Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em Custom Jewelry: Why Your True Love Deserves Better

In our image is everything world, sometimes you’ve got to look a little deeper when you’re trying to find out what better looks like. I’m going to talk about custom jewelry as my example here, because with 30 plus years in the business, it’s what I know. Being able to truly understand what you’re looking at when your shopping for custom engagement rings or bridal jewelry will save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

How To Find The Best Custom Jewelry

Not all custom jewelry is created equal. There’s absolutely phenomenal custom jewelry out there, breathtakingly beautiful and well made, and then there’s stuff that’s not really as good. The price tag for the two extremes in quality can be pretty similar. You don’t want to pay top dollar for a ring that is so poorly made that the diamond – very often the most expensive component of the ring – falls out.

Customers have brought us rings they’ve purchased elsewhere that desperately need serious repair that they’ve had for less than a year! 100% of the time that this happens, poor jewelry design and less than stellar craftsmanship are a big part of the problem. A lot of places that say they offer custom jewelry do the sales in the jewelry store but the actual work of creating the jewelry is done off-site, as quickly as possible for the lowest available price, by someone who has no emotional connection to the person who will eventually wear the jewelry and no motivation to do their best possible work.  It’s a bad system that creates bad jewelry.

How To Tell

How are you going to tell which type of custom jewelry experience you’re likely to have? You have to be smart. Ask questions. You want to know who is going to make your ring, and where your ring is going to be made. Some fine jewelers have dedicated workshops separated from their retail spaces, while others have everything in one location. Either is preferable to a panicked, blank stare from the sales staff, who may have no idea where the jewelry they’re selling comes from.

Ask about the quality of the materials being used. The differences between platinum, the various colors and grades of gold, and silver go way beyond the aesthetic. The metal in your jewelry serves a structural purpose. Making superior custom jewelry is the art form of engineering. You want to work with a custom jeweler who has an in-depth understanding and expertise of how the various metals and gemstones work best.

Finally, you want to work with a jeweler who has a reputation they’re proud of. In the world the way it is today, a good name is the most important possession any business owner has. Think about how many times you’ve Googled a business to find out what other people thought of it. Reviews matter, and the best way to get great reviews is to do great work. If a custom jeweler does sub-standard work, the word gets around – you just want to be sure you’re not the last to know.

What is Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em Jewelry?

Poorly made custom jewelry that’s not built to last as long as your romance can be called Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em jewelry – it’s the perfect gift if you’re not planning on staying around for long. For a more enduring kind of relationship, you want custom jewelry that’s crafted to the highest possible standard. Don’t settle. Do your research and find a skilled professional. This is the best way to ensure you get a beautiful, well-made piece of truly custom jewelry.