Custom Jewelry Design & Manufacturing

Jewelry Making

Jewelry has been a form of visual communication since the dawn of humanity. Over time, jewelry styles and materials have evolved in step with the advances of civilization. From the Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution, jewelry styles have transformed, modernized, and then often returned to their most basic forms and essential elements.

The significance of jewelry has also developed through the ages. Fundamentally, jewelry has always been an adornment, but an adornment that variously transforms into a symbol of love, cultural pride, social status, wealth, political and religious affiliation, and sometimes authority. The continual discovery of new gems, precious metals and ornamental materials, combined with advancement of tools and metallurgy, have made it possible for almost everyone to own fine jewelry.

Especially in the last few decades, the process of making jewelry has evolved significantly. Jewelry is now designed and created in a virtual world of Computer Aided Design. Sculptors whom once worked in wax are now using keystrokes and a mouse to transform ideas into works of art with high tech equipment driven by complex software.

Custom Jewelry

Many people are under the impression that it is difficult to design custom jewelry. With our busy schedules the thought of designing anything can seem intimidating. The truth is that designing custom jewelry can be lot easier than it sounds. It is not necessary to have special talents, or to spend precious time obsessing over jewelry and gems. What you need is the ability to separate the elements of design you like from those which are less appealing. Most of our customers never entertained the idea of creating custom jewelry until faced with the limitations of product designs available in a normal jewelry buying experience.

It is not always easy to find luxury merchandise that meets all of our desires. We sometimes wish something about our selection was a little different. Fine jewelry is too valuable to accept anything other than your exact preferences. At JewelSmiths we make it possible for you to obtain jewelry exhibiting only the features you love, making it fun and rewarding to create a custom piece of jewelry. Our designers will organize the characteristics, colors, shapes, traits, and stones that appeal to you. They also recognize the elements you dislike and find ways to eliminate or alter those characteristics.

In the comfort of our showroom, a low pressure non-commissioned environment, you will have the opportunity to browse a wide variety of creations. It will not take long for our designers to get a feel for your needs and find ways to customize jewelry to accommodate your budget and unique taste. Whether you prefer casual, formal, conservative or avant-garde styles, our designers will discover ways to create custom jewelry that captures the mood and character you wish to portray.

Matrix 7 Render 03A purchase of fine jewelry should reflect your personality and make the impression you wish to project. Tell us what you envision and we will be glad to offer sound design advice and bring our decades of jewelry design experience and expertise into your personalized jewelry design.

We use 3-D computer aided design software that can create photo-realistic images of your design before we actually create the piece. This allows you to see the item and tweak the details without the added time or expense of starting over. We look forward to working with you to help you create a unique work of art, a custom jewelry piece that complements your taste and lifestyle.

In general, most custom jewelry designs take 3-4 weeks from concept to completion. To learn more about JewelSmiths or our custom jewelry design process, please contact our jewelry designers in Oklahoma City. Call 405-848-1688 or send us an email.